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How To Apply Flawless Makeup Based On Your Mimetic Zones

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

All of us have different skin, features, and areas that we would rather not draw attention to — whether that be acne scars, sun spots, or melasma like me. So if we all know that each and every one of our skincare and makeup routines are going to be different, why do so many of us continually try to follow the viral makeup trends we see online thinking that they will work for us?

This method of makeup application that I am calling the Fusion Method, focuses on complimenting your unique features instead of embracing the one-size-fits-all approach that we see so often online.

Before we can dive into how the Fusion Method works, we first need to get a couple of descriptions out of the way.

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Products: IIId and Demi Colour

For this method of makeup application, I use a combination of Seint IIID foundation and Demi Colour products — hence the name “Fusion Method.”