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Discover the Secret to Undetectable Makeup with The Fusion Method™

You want to look like you - only better. 

What worked for you in your 20s is working against you        

in your 40s (Here’s looking at you, over-plucked eyebrows!). 

Foundations and concealers all promise to erase the years. 

But instead, your grandmother is peering out of the mirror. 


Hold up, Girl. It’s not you... it’s your makeup

The Fusion Method™: Everyday women, undetectable makeup

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News flash: Your skin looks older because you’re putting your makeup in the wrong areas.

Introducing The Fusion Method™: A makeup application that leaves you with undetectable makeup.


So it's your skin - but better.  

I’m going to teach you exactly how (and where!) to apply your makeup, right now - FREE!

When you sign up for this free, online training, you’ll get instant access to my 3 training videos.

Each is only a few minutes long but, combined, they create The Fusion Method™ that will leave you looking younger and women begging for your secret. 

Yes! I want The Fusion Method™


Have a peek at what 
Fusion Method™️ signups are saying


What You'll Watch:

How to Use Skin Tints with Custom Match Seint Compact2.png

Video One

Active Zone

  • What makeup is your worst enemy in this area

  • How to finally get rid of dark circles and end creasing

  • Specific product names that get the job done!

Video Two

Inactive Zone

  • The secret to perfect blush placement is in the palm of your hand

  • How minimal sculpting can shave years off your face

  • The trick to full coverage with less product!

Video Three

Tips and Tricks

  • Which highly recommended product is a straight up scam!

  • The key to picking the perfect SPF (and which ones are the best)

  • How to get the finish you love with zero cakiness

You want undetectable makeup that leaves you looking refreshed and youthful.

The Fusion Method™ can show you how. 


Lose the heavy makeup. Step out every day looking like you just came straight from a facial.


Yes! I want the Fusion Method™


Meet the brains behind the Fusion Method™

Hi. I’m Amanda Hill and I love makeup! But something happens to us ladies when we hit 40 and what used to work in our 20s suddenly leaves us looking tired and much older than we actually are. There are tons of popular tutorials on how to apply makeup to cover fine lines but - and let’s be honest here - they don’t work! 


Makeup shouldn’t cover who you are - it should celebrate it! 


After years of working with thousands of women (and testing every product and tip out there). I curated The Fusion Method™ based on the concept that the trouble isn't what you’re applying - it’s where. 


I’ve identified the two zones of your face and can pinpoint exactly which products need to be applied where to make you look refreshed and youthful. And I’m giving it away free in The Fusion Method™ - the free online training that allows everyday women to have undetectable makeup. 


Sign up now and love your skin! 


                     Yes! I want the Fusion Method™

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