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Effortlessly Chic: Easy Summer Makeup Look

Finding the perfect summer makeup look can be challenging. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of thick makeup on a hot summer day, especially if it starts to move around as you sweat! The best summer makeup is lightweight– you don’t want to feel like your face is melting off!

Today, I’d like to show you an effortless summer makeup look that will last no matter how hot it is outside! The trick to this makeup application is using a light touch and building color without putting on a lot of heavy products.

Amanda wearing a glowy skin makeup look for mature skin

Step 1: Start With Sunblock

You should always start with sunblock as the first step of your skincare routine, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s sunny out! Protecting your skin from UV is important at all times of the year, but it’s even more important in summer when the sunlight is stronger.

Step 2: Bronzer

In the summer, you almost want to wear too much bronzer. What I mean by this is you want to use less foundation and concealers, and go with extra bronzer for a sun-kissed look. Use a soft shaped powder brush and start in the center of your forehead. Let the bronzer warm up on your skin so that it moves and builds as you go.

Next, take the bronzer and go to the highest part of your cheekbone. Swirl the brush in circles and back into your hairline. This builds up a lot of color on your face without the heaviness of foundation. Do the same thing on the other side; hit the highest point of your cheekbone and gently move out, depositing the color and building depth.

Amanda applying a glowy skin makeup look for mature skin

Because this summer look is mostly built on bronzer, you should use more than one. There are different shades in our skin tones, so using a secondary bronzer will help your makeup look more natural. The goal of summer makeup is to make your skin look glowing and natural, and variation in shade can help you achieve this goal.

With a secondary bronzer shade, start applying makeup to your bottom jaw, the sides of your nose, and across the bridge of your nose. Think about the high points, where the sun hits your face, and use bronzer there to get that sun-kissed appearance.

Step 3: Blush

Next, take a shade of blush that’s very light and brings in a pop of pink for a youthful, fun appearance. You want a nice, sheer application that sits very lightly on your skin and lets your skin shine and glow beneath it.

Apply this blush to the high point of your cheekbone rather than the apples of your cheeks– this gives you a more youthful look that’s perfect for summer. Use a light touch. Bring the blush up to the sides of your nose and you’re done with this step!

Amanda applying a glowy skin makeup look for mature skin

Step 4: Under-Eye Correction and Skin Adjustments

The next step in this look is refreshing your under-eyes without using heavy makeup that will settle into your fine lines or melt in the heat. To do this, I don’t use foundation or concealer; instead, I use Demi color. Demi color is a very sheer, color solving system that essentially edits out under-eye darkness, bags, and fine lines.

You use a very small amount of this product to color the area under your eyes for the perfect refreshed look. I only needed two Demi colors for my under-eye area, and the ones I used are color-matched to me. Before you get started with Demi, you should get a free color match so that you know exactly what colors will work best for you.

Amanda applying a glowy skin makeup look for mature skin

While you’re working with your Demi colors, you can also edit out any flaws in your skin– things like sun damage, discoloration, or even pimples. Demi lets the natural beauty of your skin shine through, while correcting the minor imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles that you may not like. It’s a great way to make all skin types look their very best.

Light makeup like Demi also has a major advantage for the summer in that you can easily apply additional sunscreen over top of it. You will need to reapply sunblock as the day goes on, especially if you have extremely fair skin or mature skin that needs more protection. Applying sunblock to a full face of makeup can move it around and be uncomfortable, but applying sunblock over lightweight makeup is much easier and keeps you looking fresh and feeling great.

Step 5: Lips

Last but not least, lip color! For an easy, light summer look like this, your favorite lip stain is great. It will give your lips a pop of color that’s nice and sheer. Lip stain also means that you can apply a lip balm or chapstick with SPF over top of it to protect your lips from the sun.

Amanda applying a glowy skin makeup look for mature skin

And that’s it! Five simple steps for a perfect summer makeup look. Want to try this look for yourself? Get started with Demi color with a free color match consultation with me, and get ready to learn what true color correction can do!

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