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How to Achieve Undetectable Undereyes

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

As we get older, our skin loses some of its qualities as it once had when we were younger. Let me be clear: aging skin is lovely; however, at the age of 40 or so, some of our natural radiance fades.

The main cause of dark circles under the eyes is hyperpigmentation, extra texture on the skin, and dark circles under the eyes. This is normal, but it does detract from the glow of your natural skin tone. On top of natural changes to skin tone and texture, the movement of your facial muscles also creates physical changes to your facial structure.

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1. Skip the Opaque Makeup

Your skin should appear radiant, reflecting the light within. The skin of a young person tends to be more luminous owing to even skin tone, which gives for a brighter, more glowy appearance. As we get older and acquire texture and hyperpigmentation, some of that radiance goes away.

While you might desire to cover your entire face in the same tone with a full-coverage foundation, this will not benefit your skin. Full coverage and rich cosmetics frequently exacerbate rather than conceal skin texture. You want low-opacity products that are developed especially for color correcting and evening out the skin's appearance.

You can use opaque products in low impact mimetic zones, but we’ll cover that in tip number 2!

2. Understand ‘Mimetic’ Zones

‘Mimetic’ zones are just a fancy term for the groups of muscles in our faces. Mimetic zones are the name for the various muscle groups in your face. High-impact mimetic zones are areas of the face that experience a lot of movement, like the eyelids, un