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How To Do Second Skin Makeup that Looks Better Than a Filter

While there are lots of makeup tutorials and makeup tips on social media, very few of those present useful information that applies to your everyday makeup routine. There are so many incredible makeup artists out there who share amazing techniques, but how much of that can you actually use with your everyday makeup? The majority of us love to see that content, but can’t really use it.

I wanted to create a way for women to do something simple as part of their everyday makeup routine that would keep their skin looking amazing. That’s what led to the beginning of where I am today; I fell down a rabbit hole of researching how the face works. This is where real education starts– it’s not just about tips and tricks. Knowing how to do your makeup means knowing your face.

Why Did I Create The Fusion Method?

I developed my fusion method because I wanted to take the anatomical knowledge I had developed and turn it into something that anybody can use. When I was doing wedding makeup, one of the biggest complaints my clients had was their makeup’s texture. They hated it when their foundation settled into their fine lines– especially as their skin was maturing with time!

I wanted to create a makeup technique that anybody could use, regardless of skin maturity, facial structure, or skin texture. Your face is beautiful and perfect the way it is, but the media’s beauty standards don’t always align with that.

Take for example the “Bold Glamour” TikTok filter, a powerful AI-powered filter that gives you a full glam makeup appearance. This filter changes everything about your face, including your bone structure– which has had negative impacts on users’ mental health.

We don’t all need a contour or a technique that dramatically changes the way we look! And that’s the beauty of the fusion method; it enhances your face without trying to change or hide the way you look. It’s like a second skin!

Tips For Using The Fusion Method

The fusion method is my tried and true way to achieve a flawless makeup application every time. Here are some tips that you can use not just for one individual Instagram-ready look, but for your everyday makeup application.

Know Your Facial Zones

We all have two major zones on our faces. One of these is the active moving zone or high muscle moving zone, and the other is the inactive moving zone, or low muscle moving zone. While we all have these zones, they look a little bit different for each person. Figuring out where your zones are will help you use the right type of product and apply it correctly.

For example, don’t just apply concealer to your high-movement areas. If you use a product with less opacity in areas with higher texture (like your under eyes), you can achieve a look that looks like your skin on its best day without having creasing and additional texture from the makeup settling into your fine lines.

The most active muscle zones are around your mouth and your eyes. The muscles there create distinct lines as your skin matures. As this skin’s elasticity changes, full-coverage makeup will be too much for the skin in these zones. Apply translucent makeup with a light touch to keep these areas looking their best.

Use The Right Product Type

Color correcting will work for some women, but most color-correcting products available are limited in the range of shades they offer. I use Demi, which has a formulation that gives you complete control over pigment levels and an extended range of colors.

Color correcting can bring you to a neutral point that you color over with concealer; an expanded range of pigmentation means that you can filter out dark circles and unwanted tones without adding product on top.

Use The Right Shade

Another important part of the fusion method is to use the right shade. You might be familiar with the idea that green can cancel out red, but for a truly flawless look, you’ll want to go beyond and take the time to have somebody match your colors for you. True color matching means that you’ll have products that perfectly match your undertones and give you the look you desire.

Practice Good Skincare

As your skin matures, especially in the high muscle movement zones, it does lose some elasticity. With the fusion method, your skin is always front and center; you can’t hide it– nor should you! Skin serums are great products for these high-muscle volume areas, especially around the mouth and nose.

If you’re interested in learning more about your own face and getting started with the fusion method, reach out for a free color match consultation today!

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