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What Makeup Brushes Do You Actually Need?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I am all about makeup being simple yet powerful, which is why when I see someone with dozens of brushes still struggling to find the perfect tools, I cringe. You don’t need tons of brushes to achieve beautiful, flawless, glowy finishes - you just need a few important ride-or-die tools.

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If you have ever seen me for a color match consultation, you might have noticed that I use lots of Seint products. Seint makes incredible makeup and makes some of my favorite brushes of all time, which I’ll be sharing with you today. As a makeup artist, I need to have the best tools on me at all times, which has forced me to narrow down my collection to focus on the absolute best of the best.

Here, we’ll talk about which makeup brushes you actually need and cover why I love Seint’s cruelty-free products so very much. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Face Brushes

Face brushes do the heavy lifting of making your complexion look radiant, and are the first type of brush you should consider investing good money in. While all makeup can be done with your hands, face brushes make an enormous difference for getting a good blend and seamless finish. To lay down color correcting products, you’ll want a flat, slightly dense brush capable of doing detailed work.