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How to Use Skin Tints with Custom Match Seint Compact

Lots of makeup techniques and online-inspired makeup trends rely heavily on foundation, or tinted products like BB creams and CC creams. While this may work for some looks, it isn’t always ideal for an everyday look, or a makeup application designed for mature skin. Today, I’m going to explain how to use your custom-matched Seint palette with an extremely lightweight product to create a makeup look that gives you glassy, flawless skin.

And, in case you are wondering what would make this different from your usual concealer and foundation makeup, just watch this video!

Mature skin woman wearing fusion method makeup

1. Start With A Good Foundation

Before I apply makeup, I start with a foundation of another kind: sunscreen. I apply a high quality sunblock about twenty minutes before I add any more makeup, because that gives it enough time to really sink into my skin. I like to use a quality cream-based sunblock, which protects and moisturizes my skin while preventing sun damage.

2. Apply Skin Serum

Once it’s time to start your makeup application, start with a tinted skin serum. A skin serum is a lightweight product that doesn’t have the same opacity as a BB cream or foundation, meaning that it isn’t going to settle into your fine lines or create an unnatural look like a full coverage foundation can. It’s the perfect blend of skincare and makeup, and it creates a soft veil or “blur” over your face.

I like to start applying in the center of my face, and I only use this where coverage is needed. This is an approach that works great for a no makeup makeup application: apply where the makeup is most necessary, instead of applying all over. This natural approach will give you a better finish.

You don’t want to put too much product on your face. Mature skin is beautiful, and you want it to shine through. That’s another advantage of a really lightweight product; it helps your skin look like how your skin looks on its best day.

Once you’ve applied your skin tint, it’s time to use your Seint compact and apply the rest of your makeup. The trick to using Seint makeup isn’t to build color; it’s to use the least amount of product and enhance with color rather than to build up layers.

3. Apply Bronzer

I like a sun-kissed look, so I hit the high points of my face with just a little bit of bronzer. I think about what elements of my face might get a little tan on a tropical vacation, and those are the places I use a little bit of bronzer.

Mature skin woman applying fusion method makeup

4. Use a Light Contour

I don’t contour very heavily, but it is a myth that women over 40 shouldn’t contour. A light touch of contouring can add a little structure to your face that you lose as you age, and I like to apply it very lightly under my cheekbones. It creates a natural-looking shadow that adds definition to my face.

I also like to add a tiny bit of contour to my hairline. This draws the eye to the center of the face.

I do contour my nose, because I really like the way it looks when it’s contoured out. This isn’t for everybody, but it is for me, and it might be for you. The important thing is that you like the way your face looks when you’re done!

5. A Little Blush

You really need to know your face and what your skin does when you wear blush! I like to use pink-toned blush to look like I’m actually blushing, but I also know that my skin is very reactive to being touched. This means that the blush looks pinker while I’m applying it, and will appear to lighten once I’m done with the application. If your skin doesn’t do that, you might want to use more blush to give it a lasting flushed look.

Mature skin woman applying fusion method makeup

6. High Movement Areas

Once you’ve applied the bigger areas of makeup, it’s time to use the Fusion Method. This means that you use tiny amounts of color-matched Demi makeup to cover things like fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin patches, dark circles, or dark spots.

By applying tiny amounts of makeup to the highly mobile areas of your face, you can get undetectable coverage that looks great all day on any skin type. This works best if you’ve had a professional color match, which I am happy to do for you– for free!

Skin care and makeup for mature skin doesn’t have to be difficult! In addition to these tips, I have even more information on my Pinterest, Youtube channel, and Instagram. I’d love to hear from you and help you find the perfect products for the perfect look.

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