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Beauty Without Filters.

By Amanda.

Everyday women. Undetectable Makeup.

You want to look like you - only better. 

Foundations and concealers all promise to erase the years. 

But instead, your grandmother is peering out of the mirror. 


Hold up, Girl. It’s not you - it’s your makeup

The Fusion Method™: Everyday women, undetectable makeup

                      Yes! I want The Fusion Method™

What worked for you in your 20s is working against you in your 40s (Here’s looking at you, over-plucked eyebrows!). 


News flash: Your skin looks older because you’re putting your makeup in the wrong areas!


Introducing The Fusion Method™: A makeup application that leaves you with undetectable makeup. So it's your skin - but better. 


I’m going to teach you exactly how (and where!) to apply your makeup, right now - FREE!

                         Yes! I want The Fusion Method™
When you sign up for this free, online training, you’ll get instant access to my 3 training videos. Each is only a few minutes long but, combined, they create The Fusion Method™ that will leave you looking younger and women begging for your secret. 

Video One

Active Zone

  • What makeup is your worst enemy in this area

  • How to finally get rid of dark circles and end creasing

  • Specific product names that get the job done!

Video Two

Inactive Zone

  • The secret to perfect blush placement is in the palm of your hand

  • How minimal sculpting can shave years off your face

  • The trick to full coverage with less product!

Video Three

Tips and Tricks

  • Which highly recommended product is a straight up scam!

  • The key to picking the perfect SPF (and which ones are the best)

  • How to get the finish you love with zero cakiness

You want undetectable makeup that leaves you looking refreshed and youthful. The Fusion Method™ can show you how. 


Lose the heavy makeup. Step out every day looking like you just came straight from a facial.


                         Yes! I want the Fusion Method™


Meet the brains behind the Fusion Method™

Hi. I’m Amanda Hill and I love makeup! But something happens to us ladies when we hit 40 and what used to work in our 20s suddenly leaves us looking tired and much older than we actually are. There are tons of popular tutorials on how to apply makeup to cover fine lines but - and let’s be honest here - they don’t work! 


Makeup shouldn’t cover who you are - it should celebrate it! 


After years of working with thousands of women (and testing every product and tip out there). I curated The Fusion Method™ based on the concept that the trouble isn't what you’re applying - it’s where. 


I’ve identified the two zones of your face and can pinpoint exactly which products need to be applied where to make you look refreshed and youthful. And I’m giving it away free in The Fusion Method™ - the free online training that allows everyday women to have undetectable makeup. 


Sign up now and love your skin! 


                     Yes! I want the Fusion Method™


The Fusion Method™

Everyday women. Undetectable makeup.

Now that you’ve hit 40, it’s like makeup has become a heat-seeking missile for your wrinkles; Settling in every line, leaving you looking years older. 


Good news: It’s not you - it’s your makeup. 


Specifically - where you’re putting your makeup. 


If you haven’t yet heard of the Fusion Method™,                      to check out the revolutionary training on how to apply makeup to mature skin that leaves you looking facial-fresh. 

The Fusion Method™ shows you exactly where to apply makeup to leave you looking refreshed and youthful.


Once you know where to apply, it’s time to talk about what to apply.

Have a peek at what
Clients are saying


Customized Color Consultation

You want makeup that makes you feel beautiful. 


But if you’re like most women, you’re not totally sure what your undertone is, or what colors actually look good on you until you’ve tried it out. That leads to a drawer full of makeup that doesn’t work and a Sephora bill that’s through the roof!


You’ve tried every YouTube video on contouring hacks and bronzer tutorials but nothing makes you feel like a gorgeous version of you.


You need an expert, trained in the Fusion Method™, to sit down, examine your unique features, and handpick a pallet that will leave people calling you “Miss”. 


And that’s exactly what we’ll do for you when you sign up for a Customized Color Consultation. 


All the makeup you need, nothing that doesn’t make you look fabulous. 

When You Sign Up For A Free Color Consultation You will Receive

Silver Steel Plate
Eye Shadow

Who Is This Good For?

The Fusion Method™ is for women who want to look good in their skin. Who want to look like something else - not someone else. It’s for women with mature skin who don’t want to look 20 - but still drop dead gorgeous. It’s for women who need a little help picking out the perfect makeup for their skin. Who want a simple, transformative system that leaves them looking refreshed. 


The Fusion Method™ is for women who want to feel beautiful. 


If you’re ready to stop looking tired and want a simple, transformative makeup system that will leave you looking like you just came back from vacation, sign up for your Customized Color Consultation now. 

The Fusion Method™ is the only system that pinpoints the zones on your face and shows you where (and how!) to apply your makeup so you can look fresh. 


You don’t need to be good at doing makeup to be exceptional at doing yours. The Fusion Method™ will show you how. 


If you want women to stop you in the grocery store and beg for your beauty secrets without spending piles of money - you want the Fusion Method™. 


Sign up for your Customized Color Consultation and start looking like you - only better!

Button: Yes! I want to look facial-fresh!


The Fusion Method™ recommends Seint makeup; whose goal is to celebrate every type of natural beauty and whose products can be used by every woman, no matter her age, complexion, or level of experience. 


The Fusion Method™ and Seint make up believe beauty isn’t made - it’s recognized. 


When you sign up for your Customized Color Consultation, our experts will hand pick the exact makeup type and shades to highlight your unique beauty. 


Because each consultation is as unique as you are, we can’t know exactly how much your compact will cost. But the average cost is $200 which includes the recommended brushes so your makeup is undetectable.


How will I know how to apply my new makeup?

No worries! There are extensive tutorials showing you not only how to apply your makeup but where! And, of course, as a client, you’ll have access to our VIP chat line so you can get the answers you need to feel confident. 


I really don’t know anything about makeup. I’m afraid this is going to be too complicated. 

That’s okay! The good news is that makeup should be fun! You’ll have an in-depth tutorial on how (and where!) to apply your makeup. If you have trouble, you’ll be able to ask questions on our chat line. And, if you decide it’s just not for you, you can take advantage of our 30-day refund policy. So there’s zero risk and only a fresh face in your future! 


How much does the makeup cost?

Because you’ll be getting a custom analysis, the exact cost isn’t known, but the average cost is $200. The price can be adjusted up or down based on your needs and wants. 


Can I return the makeup?

Yes. There is a 30 day full refund policy. You can also swap out a shade during that time frame if you’d like. We want your compact to be perfect! Please note that a $4.95 return shipping fee will apply. 


Do you do personal Facetime help?

Not currently. However, between the in-depth tutorial and our client chatline, most of our women are able to successfully create undetectable makeup without Facetime. 


The next time you do your makeup, you can use the same old product in the same old way you’ve been doing it since you were twenty. Or you can get a Customized Color Consultation now and start using a personalized pallet to create undetectable makeup. The choice is yours. 


                              Yes! I want to look facial-fresh!


Meet The Creator Of The Fusion Method™

Amanda Hill has helped thousands of women highlight their own, unique beauty using her Fusion Method™. She started out just like everyone else; Following influencers and watching “‘How To” videos. 


But something was bothering her; Makeup seemed to be used to not only cover up who we are but to stay the same no matter what age the woman. We all know what worked in our 20s isn’t working now! And that’s true for our makeup, too. 


Amanda realized the problem wasn’t the woman - it was where (and how!) she applied her makeup. She created the Fusion Method™ to demonstrate the two zones of the face and set about creating a system of makeup application based on this system. 

And the Fusion Method™ is it. 


Coupled with the simplicity and quality of Seint makeup, the Fusion Method™ will leave you with undetectable makeup - no matter what level of experience you currently have. 


Your makeup should make you feel beautiful. The Fusion Method™ will show you how. 

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